Superfood Supplements

Superfood Supplements

Super Food Supplements

Eating healthily is by far the best thing you can do every day for the health of your body and mind. Choosing nutrient rich fresh wholefoods will help you feel energised, focussed and healthy. However many Australians do not follow this type of diet and are not getting the recommended five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit each day. Superfoods are often antioxidant rich, nutritional powerhouses that can help provide extra nutrition that may be missing in your diet. Let’s explore some of our popular superfoods.

Spirulina is a freshwater algae that’s a rich source of nutrients. Long known as an energy-boosting superfood, its use as a concentrated source of nutrients can be traced back to the Aztecs, and was documented by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. Australian NaturalCare’s Spirulina 1000mg naturally contains 100 nutrients including protein, B-group vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Spirulina is considered a valuable protein supplement for vegetarians and vegans because it contains all essential amino acids as well as being a rich source of iron!

Goji berries are renowned in Asia as one of nature’s most nutrient rich superfoods as they have been used as a therapeutic food in traditional Chinese medicine for almost 2000 years. Our Goji Juice is packed full of important antioxidants and other nutrients including amino acids, carotenoids, B-group vitamins, vitamin E and selenium.  It has traditionally been used to help promote energy, stamina and endurance.

Whilst we would never suggest vitamins replace vegetables in your diet, essential 8 can provide you with daily nutritional support for what’s missing in your diet, providing eight fruit and vegetable sources of antioxidants in one easy to swallow vegetable capsule. This superfood supplement contains certified organic freeze-dried beetroot, carrot, kale, spinach, acai, apple, broccoli sprouts, and grape concentrates. It can be taken as a capsule or as a powder by opening the capsule and emptying the powder into your superfood smoothie or drink.

Spirulina and goji berries often feature in the top 5 superfood supplements, along with acai and kale found in our Essential 8 formula. They make a great addition for those with busy lifestyles or for those wanting an antioxidant or nutritional boost.

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