Fish Oils

Fish Oils

Fish, Calamari, Cod & Krill Oils

Essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and therefore it is crucial we get an adequate amount from our diet. However, to be able to get enough EPA and DHA (the two main omega-3 fatty acids) from our diet, we should be eating fresh fish at least twice a week, if not more, and, unfortunately, this is often just not the case. Luckily, supplements are available to help bridge the gap between how much essential fat we need and how much we get from our food.

Why are omega-3 fatty acids so important? High concentrations of essential fats are present in our brain, and they are essential to healthy brain function. Not only this, but they also help to keep inflammation at bay, as well as supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. When it comes to supplements, we have various options, so which do we suggest? For general supplementation, heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits, fish oil at doses up to 6g (6000mg) per day is suggested. If you find that fish oil capsules are just too big, you could give Krill Oil a try. Krill Oil contains EPA and DHA in lower amounts, but because of its composition, these fatty acids are very absorbable. While it has some similar health benefits to fish oil, it also has the benefit of containing the potent antioxidant astaxanthin.

Some might consider cod liver oil to supplement their omega-3 intake. Derived from the liver of the Cod fish, rather than the flesh, this oil has the benefit of also being a natural source of vitamins A and D.  It is evident that there are several fish oil/omega-3 supplements to choose from. If you are still uncertain which is the best supplement for you, our friendly naturopaths are available to help.

Fish Oil 1000mg OMEGA 3s

The essential fatty acids in our Fish Oil 1000mg OMEGA 3s provide nutritional support to help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, and also support eye health and brain function.


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Super Strength Cod Liver Oil 1g

Cod liver oil is a natural source of vitamins A and D, which provide nutritional support for a healthy immune system and healthy bones.


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Krill Oil 1000mg

Krill Oil 1000mg contains sustainably sourced krill oil, a natural source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, to support brain and eye health, reduce mild joint pain, and support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.


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DHA for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Contains sustainably sourced squid oil rich in DHA. Maternal DHA intake supports maternal health and general wellbeing during breastfeeding, and also supports healthy foetal nervous system and brain development.


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Enteric Coated Fish Oil 1000mg

Fish oil from deep-sea fish provides a rich source of the omega-3 marine triglycerides EPA and DHA. The enteric capsule eliminates fishy aftertaste or reflux.


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Super Strength Fish Oil

Fish oil provides nutritional support to help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.


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Calamari Oil 1000

Calamari oil has a high concentration of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA to help support healthy brain and cognitive function throughout life and as we age.


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Glucosamine Plus Fish Oil

Glucosamine helps support cartilage health and growth, while fish oil helps to relieve inflammation.


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