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What Are Tissue Salts?

Tissue salts are homoeopathic preparations of minerals found naturally occurring in the human body. There are 12 main tissue salts first formulated by Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, in 1873. He believed that these salts needed to be in balance in all living cells to support overall health and combat a variety of conditions. The twelve main tissue salts are:

Calc Fluor or Calcium Fluoride

Helps teeth that have poor enamel and strengthens bones.

Calc Phos or Calcium Phosphate

This tissue salt also supports the health of the teeth, bones and connective tissues and is normally found in most of the skeletal system.

Calc Sulph

This tissue salt acts to purify the blood and is good for helping skin disorders like acne. It may also help a sore throat or a cold.

Ferr Phos

Used to reduce inflammation and may help lower fevers. When taken after a minor injury, it may help the injury heal more quickly. It also gets oxygen into cells and may help reduce anaemia due to blood loss.

Kali Mur

This is also a blood purifier and can be used to treat eruptions of the skin such as small boils.

Kali Phos

A nervine, which means it supports the health of the nerves. It helps lessens mild anxiety, irritability and fatigue.


Kali Sulph

This tissue salt is excellent as a healer of mild conditions of the mucous membranes and the skin, especially if the skin is scaling or crusted over.

Mag Phos

Known for easing cramps and spasms.

Nat Mur

Used to balance out bodily fluids, especially if the person suffers from mild water retention or dryness.

Nat Phos

This tissue salt helps a system that's overly acidic, especially in the digestive system.

Nat Sulph

The balance of water and bile is helped by this tissue salt. It supports the health of the pancreas, kidneys, liver and intestines.


This allows infections to ripen then be eliminated. Silica also cleanses the blood.

Tissue salts can be taken individually or in combination, to assist with various health conditions and try and bring cells back into balance. Tissue salts are prepared homeopathically, which means tiny amounts of the minerals are taken in tablet form. Normally, the tablets are dissolved beneath the tongue. The tablets can also be dissolved in warm water.