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What is Golden Gut Powder?


It is time to make room in the pantry for this delicious golden gut powder! We loved Lee Holmes first product – Heal Your Gut Powder and now we are excited to introduce Golden Gut! This deliciously formulated blend features the soothing and detoxificating Diatomaceous earth as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits of spiced turmeric and ginger. 


Why your gut will love it

The Golden Gut Powder has two special features. The main ingredient featured is Diatomaceous Earth; also known as fossil shell powder, which has an affinity with supporting and soothing the digestive tract.

Diatomaceous Earth is naturally nutrient dense. Rich in the important trace minerals, in particular Silica. Silica is required throughout the body for many different functions, including skin and hair health, cell health and general organ health. It is also the high silica content that may benefit the digestive tract.

Diatomaceous Earth also has the unique benefit of acting as an internal cleanser and detoxifier, naturally aiding the digestive system by pulling toxins out of the body as well as supporting the balance of good and bad bacteria.

The new Golden Gut Powder has the added benefits of delicious spices. Organic Turmeric (de-bittered), Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon and Organic black pepper are all featured in this new powder. All of these spices have a warming affinity in the body; this means that they help to warm the digestive system from the inside out.

When we support the body with warming spices, we literally ignite the fire within our digestive system. With a happy and warm digestive system, our body is able to do its job more affectively – break down nutrients easier, remove waste easier. When our tummy is happy we tend to be more happy. 

As well as being a warming spice, Turmeric has a large affinity as a potent anti-inflammatory.


How to use Golden Gut Powder

  • use as is – 1 tsp – 1 tbsp in a glass of water
  • add it to smoothies
  • sprinkle over yoghurt and breakfast bowls
  • use it in recipes to create delicious gut loving snacks and meals
  • create a delicious turmeric late
  • creating gut loving gummy bears with gelatine and the powder