Zinc is an essential trace element and one of the most abundant elements in our cells. There is approximately 2g of zinc in our body with 60% found in our skeletal muscle and 30% in our bones. It is crucial for human health...

Author: Naomi Gould   Date Posted: 18 June 2019

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Lysine is most commonly known for its action fighting the common cold sore (Herpes simplex Virus), often prescribed as a supplement or sometimes a cream.

Author: Alyce Cimino   Date Posted: 30 January 2018

We are excited to introduce this Golden Gut powder! This deliciously formulated blend features the soothing and detoxificating Diatomaceous earth as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits of spiced turmeric and ginger.

Author: Alyce Cimino   Date Posted: 19 September 2017

Bee pollen has been called one of nature’s most potent superfoods; with some people naming it the fountain of youth - but what is it?

Author: Alyce Cimino   Date Posted: 21 August 2017

Chromium is an essential trace mineral, we only require a tiny amount, but it plays a key role within the body. It is essential for promoting and maintaining general health and wellbeing.

Author: Alyce Cimino   Date Posted: 12 June 2017

Artificial sweeteners are intensely sweet and their nutritional profile is empty. This can be quite attractive to those wanting to lose weight. But what exactly do they do for our bodies? The evidence is quite controversial and somewhat inconclusive.

Author: Angela Fleming   Date Posted: 10 April 2017

We know that creating a healthy intestinal environment is vitally important for our overall health. But what do we call this large, intricate network of microbial cells that are specific to each and every one of us? We call it the Microbiome.

Author: Lia Pellizzeri   Date Posted: 6 February 2017

As a Naturopath, our core aim is to effectively assist people with improving overall health. This cannot and should not be done without proper education. People’s health must be taken seriously; it must be adhered to correctly.

Author: Angela Fleming   Date Posted: 16 January 2017

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Used medicinally for centuries, the very well-known flowering herb St Mary’s Thistle, has been traditionally used as a liver and gall-bladder tonic. But to what extend does it actually help the functionality and well-being of the body?

Author: Lia Pellizzeri   Date Posted: 18 November 2016

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Because the wheat germs role is to help grow a new plant, it contains a high concentration of nutrients that are needed to grow and develop a healthy, new organism. and is a great source of energy and nutrients beneficial to our health.

Author: Emily Seddon   Date Posted: 10 October 2016

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Blackstrap molasses is a by-product of cane sugar. It is produced by extracting the juice from the sugar cane via diffusion or milling methods. Blackstrap molasses can be used in recipes or to sweeten hot drinks and provide you with essential nutrients.

Author: Angela Fleming   Date Posted: 30 September 2016

Cholesterol has been given a bad rap, with its name linked to cardiovascular health risks, but the truth is we couldn’t exist without it! It’s so important that our very own liver produces 2/3 of what is found in our body.

Author: Emily Seddon   Date Posted: 26 August 2016

Holistic Doctors are fully trained medical doctors who also have training in complementary medicine. They seek to treat not only the symptoms, but the person as a whole, in order to bring the body back to a state of wellness.

Author: ANCP   Date Posted: 26 May 2016

Have you been hearing lots of things about inflammation lately? Well that’s because cellular inflammation is becoming a bit of an issue, and may contribute to decreased physical functions or diagnosis of a chronic disease.

Author: Corinne Bett   Date Posted: 23 September 2015

Tissue salts are homoeopathic preparations of minerals found naturally in the body. There are twelve main tissue salts which were first formulated by Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in 1873.

Author: ANCP   Date Posted: 14 May 2015