Acai Berry for Weight loss

Author: ANCP   Date Posted:13 May 2014 

If you've heard about the exciting weight loss perks of acai berries, then you might want to investigate the somewhat mysterious fruits on your own. These shiny bluish-purple berries appear in many forms, specifically capsules, frozen pulp, powders and juices.

Acai berries are common components in many dietary supplements on the market. They hail from South American rainforests and are visually somewhat similar to grapes.

They're extracted from acai palm trees. Acai berries are popular because they're packed with antioxidants, similarly to both blackberries and blueberries. Antioxidants are thought to be able to defend cells against free radical destruction. Excessive numbers of free radicals are capable of wreaking havoc on human tissues. So it is important to protect your body with antioxidants.



Should I take acai berry for weight loss?

While the public appreciate the antioxidant content of acai berries, many people who sell acai berry products also believe that they're highly effective for weight loss. Some people state that the essential fatty acids and fibre in these berries cause them to process meals rapidly, burn fat well and speed up metabolism. Many even believe that acai berries can help do away with pesky food cravings.

Despite all of this, acai berries are not confirmed as having any weight loss benefits. Some people even think that products that include the berries can actually lead to weight gain. Many acai berry juices have high levels of sugar, for example, which can potentially lead to weight gain, especially in large amounts. Few extensive studies have been conducted on acai berries.

That doesn't discredit the acai berry's super antioxidant power though! If you want to try acai berries for their antioxidant value, you can consume them in many different ways. You can drink them in juices and smoothies or consume them in tasty ice creams and jellies. You can take acai berries as tablets or capsules. You can even munch on them raw. Certified organic acai berries are best as they're devoid of preservatives, chemicals and additives.

Freeze dried Acai Berry powder is ideal as freeze-drying ensures the active components are preserved. Acai berries are frequently available for sale at gourmet and health food shops.