What are the health benefits for vitamin D?

Author: ANCP   Date Posted:26 May 2016 

Vitamin D is best known for the important roles it plays in helping to prevent osteoporosis, but thanks to numerous scientific studies conducted over the past few years, we now know that it may protect our health in many more ways than that. It will likely be many years before we fully understand all the roles that vitamin D plays in human health, but in the meantime, this article outlines just a few of the possibilities that have gripped the imaginations of scientists around the world.


Vitamin D may support healthy moods and brain function

Low levels of vitamin D have been observed in a wide range of health problems that impact on emotional balance and mental functioning, including premenstrual syndrome, mood problems, and cognitive impairment in the elderly - however it’s not yet clear whether taking vitamin D can help to resolve or manage these conditions.



Take a cautious approach

While none of the research listed above can be regarded as conclusive, it does seem likely that vitamin D has significantly more to offer than was previously understood. However, that doesn’t mean that supplementation will turn out to be an effective treatment for the conditions mentioned above. If you are suffering from any of the serious health problems discussed here, please talk to your doctor to determine whether taking vitamin D is appropriate for your personal circumstances.