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What is Calamari Oil?

Calamari: a concentrated source of omega-3:

Calamari oil is being hailed as the latest breakthrough in omega-3 supplements. On a gram-for-gram basis, calamari oil (sometimes referred to as squid oil) contains more omega-3 fatty acids than either krill oil or standard fish oil. In practical terms, that means you can obtain the same quantities of omega-3s from calamari oil despite consuming fewer capsules of oil – and since omega-3 fatty acids are often required in quite large quantities, that can be a real benefit for some users. In particular, calamari oil is rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

A single 1000 mg capsule of calamari oil contains nearly four times as much DHA as is found in a standard fish oil capsule of the same size and nearly seven times as much as is found in the equivalent quantity of krill oil. In contrast, calamari oil contains relatively less eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), at just 100 mg per gram. If you require high doses of EPA or both EPA and DHA, a super-strength fish oil capsule may be a better choice of supplement for you.


Why do you need DHA?

DHA is a key structural component of the cellular membranes of the retina and the brain, so is essential for healthy vision and healthy brain function.

Population studies suggest that having low levels of DHA may be associated with a range of learning difficulties and mood problems and may even increase the risk of experiencing some forms of age-related cognitive decline. In addition, DHA plays an important role in the healthy development of a baby’s brain and eyes during the later stages of foetal development and the early phases of infancy, making this essential fatty acid extremely important for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Is calamari oil a sustainable source of omega-3s?

Rather than further depleting the ocean’s limited resources, the calamari oil used by Australian NaturalCare has been certified as sustainable by Friends of the Sea, the world’s premier not-for-profit organisation devoted to protecting the habitat of marine species by promoting sustainable fishing practices. Amongst other ecologically-friendly aspects of our calamari oil production:

  • The Calamari Oil used by Australian NaturalCare is produced entirely from the off-cuts of calamari that has been harvested for culinary use, much of which would otherwise go to waste.
  • The world’s populations of calamari are considered quite resilient and capable of withstanding commercial fishing at its current levels, despite the fact that over 2 million tonnes are harvested each year for food.
  • Unlike many other sources of omega-3, calamari are harvested using methods that result in almost no by-catch of other species and don’t damage coral reefs or the ocean floor.