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Homemade Honey and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

There are a number of environmental factors that can put stress on your hair. For instance, if your tresses are overly exposed to wind or the sun, or you live in an area where the weather is hot most of the year, your hair could be severely damaged. If you constantly heat-style your hair or use products that strip your hair of its natural oils, your coif could be suffering.

A honey and coconut oil hair mask is the perfect natural solution for helping to repair damaged strands and restoring your hair's moisture balance. The hair mask is just two ingredients (you may need to mix up a little more if your hair is especially long or thick).

To make this hair mask, you'll need:

.Mix the organic coconut oil and honey in the mixing bowl with your spoon. If you like, you can use the saucepan to very gently heat up the natural hair mask which will help to open up your hair follicles and make this hair treatment even more effective.

Remember to wrap a towel around your neck to keep the process from getting too messy. While the coconut oil and honey can be applied to wet or dry hair, it's easiest to wet your hair first before putting the mask on.

After you've put the hair mask on, form your hair into a bun (and put into the shower cap if you like) and leave the ingredients on for about half an hour. Why not kick back and pamper yourself - put on a face mask or give yourself a mini manicure. When your time is up get in the shower to wash the hair mask out, using your normal shampoo and conditioner. You'll notice that your tresses are silkier and more moisturised after just one use!