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What are Activated Nuts?

Activated Nuts

Anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle by consuming nutritious foods should consider activated nuts, instead of regular varieties. Nuts such as brazil nuts or almonds are soaked in clean water mixed with common salt to activate a natural germination process. This process requires only about 24 hours to achieve but helps to make the nuts easier to digest. Tiny sprouts will emerge from the nuts during the germinating process to indicate it is time to dehydrate the nuts at a low temperature.

Versatile Food

Nuts are a vital part of a well-rounded diet plan to provide omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre. Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful for protecting the body’s cardiovascular system, including the blood vessels and heart. Consuming hazelnuts, pecans or other nuts is especially important for vegetarians who do not eat animal products. Nuts are a versatile food that is easy to consume alone or mixed with other ingredients. Walnuts and almonds are popular in baked goods and coatings to add flavour and texture to recipes. 

Phytic Acid

Many individuals have difficulty digesting nuts due to the food’s high fat content and phytic acid levels. Humans are unable to digest phytic acid, leading to additional problems such as reduction of the body’s zinc and iron levels.. For individuals on a vegan meal plan, consuming nuts daily is common, which may lead to an overabundance of phytic acid in the body.

Buying Nuts

After buying organic nuts at a store, it is possible to activate the food at home. Pour the raw nuts in a bowl before adding water and salt. Loosely covering the bowl is advised to keep out dust and insects for the next 24 hours. The nuts begin to sprout within one day but require dehydrating before consuming. People dehydrate nuts outside under natural sunlight or in an oven at a low temperature, or in a dehydrator. To get activated nuts that are dehydrated at a constant temperature, it is better to buy commercially prepared varieties.