8 Ways to Combat Sitting Disease

Author: ANCP   Date Posted:14 May 2015 

What Is Sitting Disease?


Sitting disease is a catchy name given to the common problem of living a sedentary lifestyle over a long period of time. Many people may not realize the number of hours they spend simply sitting in front of computers and TV. Once they give attention to this lifestyle habit, they begin to understand the kind of damage they may be doing to their health. Problems can include back pain, joint stiffness, poor posture, digestive problems and may even include a number of more serious conditions.


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Combat sitting disease - Strategies to help you get moving


You can find a number of easy ways to put more movement into your day without disrupting your workday or leisure time:


  • Miss Your Stop – When using public transportation, miss your stop and use the opportunity to walk to work your muscles, stretch ligaments and increase circulation to soft tissues throughout the body.


  • Take The Stairs – Get off the elevator a few floors early and walk up to your floor. You will help keep your heart healthy and your muscles strong with this daily improvement in activity level.


  • Utilize Mobile Technology – New technologies now allow us to conduct business and keep in touch while on the go. Use smartphones and wireless laptops to change your location and still accomplish work tasks. Take your work to the coffee shop or the park to ensure that you get more movement in your day.


  • Take Frequent Breaks – Get up from your desk chair periodically during the day to speak to others, talk on the phone or deliver reports. Make a conscious effort to incorporate stretching or other micro-exercises into the workday.


  • Do More In-Person Communication -Rely on email less and communicate face-to-face instead. In-person communication will allow you to walk more, talk more and expend more energy.



  • Redesign Your Workspace for More Movement – Instead of keeping everything within reach, set up your workspace to force you to get up from your chair, reach for items and bend for items. This simple action can help you move significantly more each day.


  • Use TV Time To Exercise – Many people have found it beneficial to blend TV viewing with exercise time. Put your treadmill in the family room or do Pilates while you catch up on your favourite show. Remember that TV doesn’t have to make you immobile. Use the time to do stretching, yoga positions or working out on exercise machines.


  • Get the Family Involved – Sitting around the TV is often a family activity, but you can also spend family time walking around the neighbourhood, going for a bike ride or playing games in the yard. Help your family develop good habits by including them in physical activities around the home.