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Healthy Hair and Skin

Our top tips for achieving healthy hair and glowing skin

Healthy hair and skin indicates body health and radiance. If your skin and hair are healthy, you will have a positive self-image. Damaged hair and poor skin can lead to self-image issues.

Here are some steps to take to ensure that your hair and skin remain healthy and radiant:


It is crucial to have a basic washing routine for your hair and skin. Your skin requires cleansing on a daily basis. A typical face wash should begin with warm water as it opens the pores for cleansing. The last step to every wash should be to close the pores by putting cold water on your face. The concept of water temperature applies to your hair as well.

The layers on the hair shaft becomes rugged and open when it comes into contact with warm water. A rinse of cold water after a shampoo or conditioner at a cool temperature will ensure smoother hair.

The Conditioning Process

Conditioning and moisturising mean the same thing when it comes to hair and skin care. This step is essential to help the hair and skin recuperate from being washed and stripped of their natural oils. Overlooking the moisturising phase can result in dry and irritated skin and unruly hair that is susceptible to breakage. Conditioners and deep treatments are great for conditioning your hair.

Moisturising creams and gels are essential to condition your skin.


Protecting your hair and skin after cleansing and conditioning is important. It preserves the results and helps you keep up the maintenance throughout the day. Lotion and creams provide protection for the skin. Serums and silicone-based products help protect the hair and seal in any conditioner.

Cleansing, conditioning and protecting are the key steps that should be a part of your hair and skin regime if you want to see lasting results.