Collagen peptides can improve the signs of skin ageing

Author: Corinne Bett   Date Posted:11 January 2016 

Mark Twain said ‘Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.’

But if your wrinkles have got you frowning, we’ve got a good reason for you to keep on smiling! And this reason is Collagen!

Collagen peptides taken in supplement form have recently been found in two double blind placebo controlled studies to improve the signs of skin ageing, by increasing the hydration of the skin and the condition of collagen in the lower dermal layer of the skin.


How can Collagen peptides help?

Collagen is the main structural component in the skin, and is made up of protein and amino acids, which maintain the elasticity, consistency and regeneration of the skin. Lack of hydration in the skin, and breakdown of the collagen network in the dermis of the skin are some of the main causes of skin ageing, creating wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Collagen peptides are made up of linked amino acids. They may help to counter this ageing process in the skin by assisting in replenishing the amino acids that make up Collagen, and may help regenerate the skin. Collagen peptides may also improve glycosaminoglycan production, which are responsible for hydrating the skin.  



What the studies say…

  1. The first study involved 33 women aged between 40-59 years, who were administered 10g collagen of fish or porcine (pig) origin, or placebo for a period of 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks, fish collagen was found to improve the hydration of the skin by 12%. The porcine collagen increased moisture levels in the skin by 16% at 4 weeks, and 28% after 8 weeks when compared to placebo.
  2. The second study involved 106 women with an average age of 53, who were given 10g fish collagen or placebo, for 12 weeks. Results of this study showed that those women administered the collagen had a 9% increase in the density of the collagen of skin, and 31% reduction in the degeneration of the collagen in the deep layer of the skin.


The studies show that Collagen peptides can help to improve the defining features of skin ageing. So turn that frown upside down, time to give your skin what it needs to keep on smiling some Collagen peptides!

Written by Corinne Bett

Corinne spent her childhood helping her mother and grandfather in the garden grow various herbs and vegetables. This sparked a great interest in herbal medicine and nutrition in later life, and a passion for a wholefood diet.

As a Naturopath today, she likes to empower others to utilise food as medicine, and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In her spare time she like to spend time in nature bushwalking and swimming, adventuring in far and exotic places, and dreaming about what kind of dog she might like to have one day.