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Simple Steps to Reach Your Foodie Health Goals

Did you achieve all your 2017 resolutions and health goals? We often start off the year with ambitious goals which can be hard to follow through. When it comes to health goals, there are some simple steps to take to put you on the right path and keep you there.

5 tips to help you achieve your foodie health goals


1. Write it down.

Visualisation can be the key to achieving health goals. If you plan to eat an extra cup of veggies a day, have a vegetarian day twice a week, walk more or start a new fitness routine – write-it-down. Put it in a place you can see it and visualise it, the fridge is the perfect location. This way it is a little daily reminder.

2. Be prepared

Meal plans can be an invaluable tool! Find a little time each week to plan the meals for the week, the ingredients you will need and ensure the kitchen is stocked and ready to go. One area I find particularly beneficial is making sure there is enough snacks ready to go – nuts, seeds, fruit, veggie sticks and hummus can all be lifesaving when hangry strikes hard.

3. Stay inspired

Technology is an amazing resource. With just a click of a button there are endless food blogs, recipes, food stories and cooking videos to teach how to chop, stir and stew. Grab a green juice or a cup of tea and take the time to explore the endless delicious and healthy recipes, find the ones that draw interest and keep things fresh.

4. Setbacks happen, that’s ok!

You have decided on your health goals, well done! But they don’t go to plan… that’s ok too! It’s important to understand that setbacks happen, and that’s ok! The key is to finding why it didn’t work and what can you do differently next time to change that outcome.

5. Stay social 

Bring friends into your health goals or even better create them together. This automatically creates a support network to help you achieve your goals. A weekly walking group, potluck picnics and afternoon teas can all be the trick to reaching health goals.