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Knee Pain

Are your knees beginning to creak and pop with every step? If so, you are just one of the millions of people who are dealing with the frustrations of knee pain. Luckily, knee pain can be reduced by taking a few precautions. Here are some very effective tips for preventing knee pain.

  • Avoid walking on uneven surfaces - Walking on smooth surfaces such as the pavement is a lot easier on the knee area. Try to avoid walking or running on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones or sand.
  • Stop overtraining - If your knees are sore as a result of a strenuous workout session, give your knees the required time to heal. Instead of jogging during each workout session, alternate with a low-impact activity such as swimming. If your shoes exhibit irregular wear patterns, this is a tell-tale sign that you may not be running correctly.
  • Strengthen the hip and thigh muscles - The hip and thigh muscles have a direct impact on the overall health of the knee. If these muscles are weak, a lot more pressure is placed upon the knees. If you choose to do squats and lunges, make sure that your knee does not bend beyond 90 degrees.
  • Take the elevator - In an effort to improve their fitness, some people decide to take the stairs. Unfortunately, this can wreck havoc on the knees, so give it a rest and take the lift if you're experiencing knee pain.