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Oh sprout! It's alive!

Sprouting is so simple to do, and it’s a cost effective and fun way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen, all the while giving your diet a happy nutritional boost!

One of the main benefits of sprouting is increasing the nutritional profile of the seeds, grains and legumes by making them easier to digest! This means that we are able to utilise our nutrients more effectively and support our daily health.

Some seeds, nuts, grains and legumes naturally contain the unique compound - Phytic acid. Phytic acid naturally works to stop the seed from growing, it keeps the seed hibernating. When we sprout, the seed literally becomes awake and bursting with benefits!

Adding sprouts into your diet can also provide a delicious source of fibre, helping to move toxins and waste from the body. If you decide to sprout to help detoxification pathways, choose something like broccoli sprouts. Broccoli is from the brassica family, which naturally supports liver health and liver detoxification pathways.

With all things sprouted, organic and filtered water is best, and a glass jar is always better than plastic. You can find organic seeds, grains and legumes from all good health food stores and organic bulk stores. 


How to turn your humble seed into a super sprout!


Soak your seed, legume, grain in fresh filtered water in a glass jar. Make sure there is plenty of water to allow the seed to swell (2:1 water : grain works here). Leave your seeds soaking in the water happily on the counter top, in a warm dry place and out of direct sunlight.



Drain the water and rinse your seeds. Be sure that none of your seeds run away down the drain.



Using a nut bag, cheese cloth or bit of muslin and a little bit of string (or a fancy sprouting jar if you have one) place the jar upside down on an angle and let it sit to sprout. If you are sprouting for a longer period of time, be sure to re wet the seeds and give them a rinse twice a day.


Not all seeds are the same

While it’s amazing to add sprouted legumes, seeds and grains to your diet, there are some that we shouldn’t sprout as these can do more harm than good. These are Black beans and kidney beans. For people new to sprouting, here are the ones to give a go! Happy sprouting!

Seed, Grain, Legume  




8 hours

2 – 5 days

Adzuki beans

8 hours

3 – 5 days

Broccoli seeds

8 hours

3 – 6 days

Brown lentils

8 hours

1 – 2 days


12 hours

12 hours


8 hours

2 -3 days


2 hours

1 day

Sunflower seeds

2 hours

2 – 3 days

Time to grab a glass jar and some seeds and get sprouting!

The best thing about sprouts is that you can see the magic happen right before your eyes! And it can start to happen in the matter of hours!

To make things easier you can soak overnight and let the sprouting magic happen through the day. Just remember the keep the seeds slightly damp.