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Australian NaturalCare: highest standards, quality control & clinical research

 Australia’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) industry is leading the rest of the world when it comes to superior herbal medicine and supplement manufacturing, quality and safety standards. Under Australian law, medicinal products containing herbs, vitamins, nutrients & minerals, are referred to as 'complementary medicines' and are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The TGA oversee the initial listing of a product and once it is on the market, continue to monitor it and perform post market reviews. Often supplements manufactured in countries outside Australia do not meet the quality and safety standards expected by our market. Countries such as the US, China and India may bring to market products that do not follow the stringent standards set by the TGA. These products may not adhere to the strict guidelines on the amount of herbal/nutritional actives, the part of the herb used, as well as the level of microbial contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides. Subsequently, such unregulated products can cause serious consequences in vulnerable individuals.

Australian NaturalCare is 100% Australian owned and operated company, and we strive for the highest standards and quality control underpinned by clinical research and manufacture all of our products right here in Australia!

  • Highest Standards

Our vitamins and supplements are manufactured in Australia in accordance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure a consistent standard of excellence and quality in all of our products.

  • Quality Control

Every batch of our products undergoes thorough testing, from ingredient stability to shelf-life so that you know what is on the label is in the product.

  • Clinical research

We formulate products with both clinically-trialled ingredients and ingredients that have been traditionally used for thousands of years. We also make sure you get a therapeutic daily dose for optimal health benefit.

  • Food vs. Supplement

Unlike complementary medicines which are regulated by the TGA, products for oral use that are not considered a ‘therapeutic good’ are likely to be regulated under food legislation. In Australia, food is regulated by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). This means any ingredient which is considered a ‘food’, does not need to comply with the same requirements stipulated by the TGA. The lines become blurred when an ingredient such as green tea is considered both a ‘food’ and also listed by the TGA.

  • Supplemental chromium

A study linking chromium ((Cr(III)) with cancer was highly publicised in the media recently.  The Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) contested these findings as inconclusive.

    • Chromium was injected directly into mice fat cells, which does not take into account the physiological mechanisms of chromium handling by the body
    • Extrapolating the results from animal and cell research does not make a meaningful contribution to human use

In addition, the form of chromium in the study is not approved by the TGA for use in listed medicines in Australia. At Australian NaturalCare we only use ingredients that are approved for use in Australia, including chromium chloride and chromium picolinate. In summary,  we hope you find this information useful, and we’d like to reinforce our commitment to quality manufacturing for over 20 years, delivering products with the highest standards and quality control underpinned by clinical research.