8 Tips for Healthy Ageing

Author: Amber Houghton   Date Posted:3 April 2014 

The hippocampus. No, it's not a university for hippos. It's the special part of the brain that guides memory and spatial navigation. When you start to forget things and have trouble getting around, the hippocampus is often to blame. This vital piece of the brain, as well as other important centres in the body, doesn’t have to slow down with aging.


There are some fun, simple, and easy ways to keep the body and mind in tip-top shape.


  • Physical exercise - A walk around the block each day, or a jog for those of us who haven't gone through a knee replacement, is all it takes.


  • Mental exercise - Imagine your brain running on a treadmill, working off the slough and mire of aging. Mental exercise keeps the brain taut and sharp and may even ward off Alzheimer's.


  • Don't retire - Everyone wants to relax after 45 years in the workforce, but don't quit life completely. Volunteer, garden, get out and do something, even if you've left work and are collecting social security checks.


  • Don't drink and smoke - Centenarian George Burns might have flaunted this advice with a daily cigar, but most people aren't that lucky. Quit the nicotine. Reserve alcohol for special occasions.



  • Go to bed - The sleep you skip today will come back to haunt you when you're older. Get at least six hours every single night.


  • Put some fibre on your plate - The recommended daily intake of fibre is 30gm. Including a good serve of whole-grains in the morning at breakfast helps you achieve this, and helps keep your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in good shape.


  • Reduce stress, be a ray of sunshine - It's difficult for anyone to eliminate anxiety completely. Try to figure out what stresses you and avoid it. Try getting a massage or taking a yoga class to relax.


  • Stay social - It's difficult to see friends and loved ones pass on late in life, but a lonely life may lead to depression. Connect daily with a friend, family member, or loved one.


Written by Amber Houghton
Amber Houghton

Amber holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Naturopathy, and has a particular passion for nutritious, whole-food eating. She feels education surrounding the best dietary and lifestyle choices are fundamental in allowing people to take responsibility for their own health, and to help with the maintenance of their well-being.

Although passionate about wholesome food, Amber does confess to having a particular fondness for cake, and enjoys a slice every now and then.