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6 tips to boost your energy levels

Our top tips to help you boost your energy levels

Brisk Walk - When your energy levels have waned, the last thing on your mind would be to exercise. Many studies and experts strongly encourage a quick 10-20 minute walk. This will get oxygen circulating through all systems in the body and will release those happy hormones that leave you feeling alert and energized.

Morning Cup of Coffee - Coffee lovers will appreciate that the right amounts of caffeine at the right times of the day will actually improve mental performance. Being more alert and sharp will boost your energy levels when you need it the most. Remember, all good things in moderation and don't drink coffee in the afternoon as it can have undesired effects.

Laugh - Just like other emotions, laughing requires energy but it also gives by getting that heart pumping and the blood pressure up. Laughing aids in reducing stress too.

Prioritise - Too many dishes on one plate can create fatigue and exhaustion. Exerting your energy into the things that really matter in your life will put positivity and intense fierceness back into your life.

Drink Water - Feeling fatigued can be an indication that you are thirsty. We all know water is vital for survival, but it is absolutely essential we get enough of it everyday to support us in all aspects of our lives.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption - Drinking during the day will encourage that afternoon slump. Even when the body is just a tad dehydrated, it will enhance feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Stick to water for the afternoon pick-me-up.