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Should I be Eating Red Meat?

There is no need to feel guilty the next time you crave a thick, juicy sirloin. Though red meat gets a bit of bad press at times, grass-fed beef that is unprocessed can be a significant staple in a healthy diet.

Iron is a major player in the composition of red meat and is also the transporter of oxygen throughout our bodies. If you do not consume enough foods that contain Iron, you run the risk of experiencing fatigue, dizziness and you are putting your immune system at jeopardy!

The Iron found in meat is called Haem Iron and is better absorbed by your body. Your best sources of Haem Iron are from beef, lamb, chicken & fish – This means that while a plate of spinach is great, sometimes it is okay to dig into that steak.

Getting enough Iron is absolutely essential when you are keeping active as it converts blood sugar into energy.


B Vitamins

Vitamin B12 is readily available in red meat. This particular vitamin plays a major part in nearly every system in our bodies, from the nervous system all the way to bone health.

If you are suffering from mild anxiety, you may find that your body is deficient in vitamin B12. This is as the neurotransmitters that regulate mood require B12 to function properly. Red Meat also contains other B vitamins such as B6 and Thiamine (B1) which help to keep the nervous system in check.


Fatty Acid Profile

Omega-3 fatty acids found in grass fed beef have been known to benefit the body by lowering the risks of mild anxiety and mild arthritis.



Lean red meat contains antioxidants which may help fight free radical damage.

With so many conflicting reports, it can sometimes be hard to work out what you should be eating. However adding less than 100g of red meat into your diet each week can help you feel better from the inside out.

A simple grilled steak with pineapple and brown rice can pack a major punch in your diet as well as on your taste buds. Or simple beef skewers are great for a light meal with many health benefits.

Whatever you preference, red meat can be dressed up or down to create a great dish that is also great for your body!