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Is ginger an antioxidant?

When most of us think of ginger, we think of a herb for the relief of nausea, travel sickness, and to improve our circulation. But did you know that Ginger is also a powerful Antioxidant?

Traditionally it has been used for centuries to preserve meals throughout Asia, and this can be attributed to the antioxidant activity of the herb. In the same way Ginger can be used to preserve food, Ginger may have an antioxidant activity on the body, and can help to preserve our good health.

The antioxidant activity of ginger is thought to be as the result of the activity of its essential oils, and active plant chemicals, gingerols and shogaols. In various studies, Ginger has been shown to reduce the activity of free radicals and pro-oxidant substances in test tubes, and in the body, such as superoxide radicals and xanthine oxidase. This antioxidant activity can also be associated with strong anti-inflammatory effects in the body as well.

This means less damage to cells in your body by free radicals, and a healthier you. Include ginger in your cooking and diet, or take ginger supplement, to enjoy the benefits of this powerful antioxidant and help maintain your good health.