Healthy Eating Tips

Author: ANCP   Date Posted:3 April 2014 

Our Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips


1. Menu Plans

Choosing healthy eating habits is the best way to keep a family full of energy each day. Creating a menu plan is an excellent way to keep meals on track instead of eating randomly. Sit down with your family to select favourite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Remember to plan nutritious snacks to prevent hunger between meals.


2. Eat Plant Foods

Vegetables, fruits and grains are natural foods containing a variety of minerals and vitamins required for healthy bodies and minds. Most of the foods your family consumes each day at meals should be plant based. Buying fresh and organic produce ensures your family is getting quality nutrients. However, canned, dried or frozen fruits and vegetables are also a nice option.



3. Eliminate Excess Sugar

While sugar tastes great, it has no nutritional value and often causes weight gain. If you are used to consuming sugary foods several times a day, then gradually reduce this substance from a food plan to avoid intense cravings. Families eventually become accustomed to the flavor of meals that do not contain sugar.


4. Control Portions

Many individuals have no idea what a normal food portion is because restaurants often provide large sandwiches, soft drinks and desserts. Learn what a portion size is for meat, produce and pasta by using devices such as measuring spoons or cups. You can also invest in an inexpensive kitchen scale to weigh foods.


5. Reduce Fat

A small portion of fat in meals helps to keep the body functioning properly. A higher level of fat consumption causes long-term problems such as heart disease. Begin to buy leaner meat such as skinless chicken and lean mince to prepare meals. Closely read labels on packages of meat at the grocery store to determine its percentage of fat.