Detox your body in a healthy way

Author: ANCP   Date Posted:6 January 2015 

These days, everyone is interested in ways to remove toxins from their body for better health and wellness. Not every type of detox method is created equally. In fact, some can be downright unhealthy!

Luckily, we have a number of easy and healthy ways to detoxify your system that we can share with you!


  • Avoid or Limit Your Contact with Obvious Toxins - You should do what you can to avoid known toxins like smog, cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol consumption, highly processed foods, and direct sunlight that isn't mitigated by sunscreen. All of these can be particularly damaging to your system.


  • Try a Detoxifying Smoothie - Great smoothie recipes are widely available, including those with detoxifying properties. Adding a smoothie to your diet a couple times a week can make you feel much better. Kale is one of the best ingredients to add to help remove toxins. Add fruit too, as long as you don't overdo it - fruit is very healthy, but also full of natural sugar.


  • Use Organic Produce - Organic fruits and vegetables are cleaner, containing fewer chemicals and pesticides. As a rule of thumb, if you intend to consume the peel, choose organic. For fruits like bananas, for example, it’s less crucial.


  • Eliminate Simple Carbohydrates - White bread, mashed potatoes, and white rice are all relatively lacking in nutritional value and loaded with simple carbohydrates. That goes double for cookies, cake, and other snacks and treats. They tend to make many people feel run-down or exacerbate hunger and satiety issues. Removing them for your diet or seriously limiting them can help, even if it requires a lot of willpower.


  • Drink a lot More Water - Sources vary when trying to decide how much water the human body needs. Eight glasses, minimum, is a good place to start. Good hydration keeps toxins flushed from the body. Plus water has the added benefit of keeping skin looking great too.



  • Take in More Natural Dietary Fibre - You shouldn't get your fibre in pill or powder form. Instead, choose to add high fibre foods like beans, nuts, and whole grains to your diet. These foods are terrific for you and incredibly versatile.


  • Experiment with Fasting - No one should ever starve themselves in the name of detoxification, but from time to time, taking a break from food can help your body sort itself out. Fasting for short periods of time is a good way to let your body deal toxins without adding more through ingestion.


  • Get More High-intensity Exercise - Sweating improves the flow of toxins from the body as well. Combined with good water intake, exercise can really make a difference in terms of keeping the body clean and freer of toxins.


  • Consider Yoga or Meditation - These are intended to detoxify you in a different way - through detoxifying your mind. Reducing stress and increasing physical flexibility are both great for your mental and overall health.


  • Massage Therapy - A deep tissue massage can release toxins trapped in muscles, allowing the body to eliminate them in a natural and pleasant way. The more intense the massage session, the more toxins will be released. In fact, this is why many people are slightly sore the day after a indulging in a massage.