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Avocado Madness Smoothie

Enjoy this delicious, nutritious and refreshing avocado smoothie for breakfast or for a healthy snack!


1 ripe avocado peeled, pitted and sliced.

2 banana’s peeled and sliced.

½ Fresh Lime squeezed.

½ cup of pineapple juice.

1 cup of coconut water (such as Raw C Pure Natural Coconut Water).

4 Tablespoons of black or white chia seeds (such as The Chia Co Australian Grown Chia seeds).

10 large Ice cubes.


Put the chia seeds and coconut water, avocado, banana, fresh lime and pineapple juice and ice cubes into a blender. 

Blend this mixture until smooth and keep the mixture chilled until you are ready to serve.

Serving Size

* Serves 2 people

Interesting Nutritional Facts about Avocado

Avocados are packed full of many valuable nutrients!  Research shows that just half a Hass Avocado contains fiber (4.6g), potassium (345mg), sodium (5.5mg) magnesium (19.5mg), vitamin A (43mcg), vitamin C (6.0mg), vitamin E (1.3mg), vitamin K1 (14mcg), folate (60mg), vitamin B6 (0.2mg), niacin (1.3mg), pantothenic acid (1.0mg), riboflavin (0.1mg), choline (10mg), lutein & zeaxanthin (185mcg), phytosterols (57mg) and a high content of good fat also known as monounsaturated fatty acids (6.7g).

This recipe is dairy and gluten free so is also suitable for individuals who may have a lactose or gluten allergy and or intolerance.