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Sun Salutations Series

  • Sun Salutations Series- Repeat through 4xs Start position (Mountain Pose):  Stand with your feet together (or a little wider apart if you are pregnant or have lower back problems) and arms by your sides. Set your weight evenly over the soles of your feet, knees soft, ribcage and chest lifting, shoulders down and long through the crown.
  • Extended Mountain Pose - Inhale and raise arms up overhead so that palms touch, arms long and fingers reaching to the ceiling.
  • Swan Dive to Forward Fold - On an exhalation, soften the knees slightly and open the arms out to the sides as you bend at the hips and swan dive forward, bringing your fingertips or palms to the floor. In forward fold lift your hips to the ceiling and reach your crown to the floor.  You should feel a light stretch in your hamstrings and lower back (bend the knees slightly if this turns to tension).
  • Flat Back Extend, Forward Fold - Inhale, take your hands to your shins and lift your chest to be parallel to the floor, arms straight and stretch the legs. Return to forward fold by lowering your hands to the ground and your torso to your thighs.
  • Down Dog - From forward fold, press your palms into the ground on either side of your feet and jump back to downward dog, feet hip width apart and parallel. Try to lower your heels to the ground, lift your hips to the ceiling and press your chest towards your thighs.
  • Plank - On an inhalation, draw your body forward to plank so that your shoulders are directly above your hands and back is flat (a straight line should run from your heels through your hips to your shoulders). Option: Lower onto your knees.
  • Crocodile - Exhale, bend your elbows and lower your body between your arms, towards the floor. Keep your arms nice and close to your sides, shoulders down and back straight - try not to let your hips sag or lift high.
  • Up Dog - Once lowered to the floor, press your palms into the floor, inhale and extend your arms, extending your torso up and lifting your thighs away from the floor. Keep your thighs strong, squeeze your glutes, elbow creases face forward, lift your chest and shoulders down.
  • Down Dog - Exhale and lift your butt up and back to Down Dog, pressing your palms and heels into the floor.
  • Forward Fold - Step your feet forward to Forward Fold, back flat, hips reaching to the ceiling and palms or fingertips touching the floor next to your toes.
  • Extended Mountain Pose - Inhale, bend your knees and rise up to Extended Mountain Pose, circling your arms up over head to touch your palms together. Lift your chest.
  • Mountain Pose - Exhale and circle your arms down by your sides, finishing in the start position.