How to Love your Liver this Silly Season

Author: Emily Seddon   Date Posted:19 December 2016 

The holiday season has arrived!

It’s a busy time filled by celebrations with friends and family, eating loads and getting a little silly in general. Sometimes we are so busy that we can forget the effect we are having on one of our most important organs – the liver!


How to love your Liver


Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle or Silybum marianum, is an impressive herb that has been associated with liver function for thousands of years. Silymarin supports healthy liver function and antioxidant production. Silymarin exhibits its own antioxidant properties and has ability to stimulate the activity of the body’s natural antioxidants, such as glutathione peroxidase.



Food & Drink

We think it may be a little naïve to expect perfect behaviour from everyone when it comes to their food and drink decisions during the holidays. Luckily there are some foods to include in those choices that help support your liver naturally and deliciously!


  • Turkey & Seafood - Protein-rich foods are one of the better food sources of N-Acetyl-Cysteine or NAC. NAC is one of the amino acids in glutathione – our master antioxidant.
  • Cruciferous vegetables include the loveable broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, kale and (the not-as-popular) Brussels sprouts. They contain glycosinolates which influence phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification processes.
  • Beetroot is a delicious high-antioxidant vegetable that is one of our main dietary sources of betaine. It acts as a methyl donor and helps support liver health, particularly if you have had a wine or two…
  • Rosemary researchers have indicated that including rosemary in the diet could increase glutathione activity in the liver, as well as the detoxification pathways it is involved in.
  • Water – staying hydrated is absolutely essential! It can help reduce the toll that alcohol places on the body. Alcohol is a diuretic, which can cause dehydration. Ensuring that you stay well hydrated is not necessarily going to improve your liver function, however you’ll feel a lot better come New Year’s Day!


Written by Emily Seddon
Emily Seddon

Emily (BHSc Naturopathy) is a qualified naturopath with a love of science. Growing up with a hippy mum and dad, Emily grew used to thinking outside the box for her own health. She has since completed a degree in Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy, combining that passion for healthy living with scientific and traditional evidence to help others to live happy and healthy lives.

She loves using herbal and nutritional medicine to treat ailments and lives by the philosophy of “there is no such thing as too much tea."

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Merry Xmas

By: on 22 December 2016
I always enjoy reading your tips Emily. I've been a long standing customer with Natural Care Products and am a believer in natural therapies. Have a lovely safe & healthy Xmas with your family. Best Wishess Madelaine Woods.

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