3 Simple Steps to Clean Your BBQ Naturally

Author: ANCP   Date Posted:2 April 2014 

Keep your BBQ clean and ready for action!

Summer or Winter it's always barbeque season in Australia. It's a good idea to keep your barbeque clean and in top condition as you never know when family and friends will be dropping by to enjoy a barbie. Listed below are a few tips for cleaning your barbeque now and throughout the year.


Cleaning Supplies - Baking Soda Stiff Wire Brush with Scraper (grill cleaning tool) Rags Warm, soapy water Newspaper or old towels. 


How to Clean both a Charcoal or a Gas BBQ - The following steps can be used for cleaning both charcoal and gas barbeques. However, the gas barbeque may have a few more parts to clean and you will need to disconnect the gas supply before attempting to clean it. It is also important to note that some gas barbeques may have a ‘clean’ knob. This is not a self-cleaning feature; it is there to allow you to pre-heat the grill before cleaning.



  • Heat and Scrub - Heat the grill then let it cool back down a bit. This will make the encrusted food and grease left over from the last barbeque easier to remove. Use both the stiff wire brush and the scraper part of your grill cleaning tool to scrub any loosened food particles off the grate.


  • Remove and Coat - Carefully remove any left over coals (from charcoal barbeque). Mix some baking soda with a small amount of warm water to make a paste. Coat the grate, all removable parts, and the inside of the barbeque with the baking soda mixture. Leave mixture on for at least thirty minutes. This should help to remove any remaining particles on the grate that were not removed during step one and aid in easily removing particles on the rest of the barbeque.


  • Rinse and Replace - Rinse all items with warm soapy water. Place all parts on newspaper or old towels to dry. Once dry, replace the parts back into the barbeque in the order each was removed. Re-heat the grill and burn off any soapy residue left during the cleaning process. For easier cleaning next time, you might want to consider lightly coating the grate with cooking spray. Simply follow these simply steps at least once or twice a month to enjoy delicious, mouth-watering food every time you use your barbeque!