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Herb of The Month - Bacopa

Herb of the month – Bacopa

(Bacopa monnieri)

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic Indian Medicine, this medicinal plant can be traced back to literature from 800BC. More recently, Bacopa can be found on a postal stamp in India, which shows the admiration for the medicinal plants of India! This amazing herb has also caught the eye of researchers and practitioners alike for its role as a brain and memory tonic.

Bacopa monnieri is commonly known by its nickname Brahmi – however, it’s always a good idea to double check the botanical name, as Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) sometimes shares the same nickname.

Brain and Memory Tonic

Possibly best known for is its role as a brain and memory tonic. Bacopa has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine to support and improve memory and memory recall.

Bacopa’s role in memory enhancing properties have been confirmed and it is thought to increase certain enzyme systems in the brain by generating new protein synthesis. We have also learnt about its neuroprotective and antioxidant properties that both support and benefit human cognitive function. Bacopa is said to play a role in encouraging blood flow to the brain which may further support memory and cognition.

While there is always room to learn more about Bacopa, it has been shown that when Bacopa is used in combination with functional nutrients and a wholefood diet, it may to help nourish and support healthy brain and memory function. 

Bacopa may help with memory and cognition; however it likes to do its job slowly, you should allow between 3 and 12 weeks to note cognitive changes.

Staying alert and boosting concentration

Bacopa may not only help you remember those pesky exam answers but it can also help you to concentrate and get the exam study done too.

It has been suggested that Bacopa may also enhance mental alertness and concentration – all while helping to improve information recall and retention. Making this help a wonderful study and work companion!

Stress tonic

Bacopa is also has a strong affiliation with stress adaption and supporting the mind during times of stress, such as during exams or periods of high workloads.

It has been discovered that when used for a consistent period of time, that Bacopa may help to alleviate nervous tension and mild anxiety. This is useful to learn, as when we are calm, our body is able to process and recall more affectively.

So if you have a big exam coming up Or have walked into a new room but can’t quite remember why you went in there? It might be time to make Bacopa your new best friend.