Wellness – The New Model For Healthcare

Author: ANCP   Date Posted:26 May 2016 

 Natural medicines can help support all the good work you're doing with your body and mind. Some important ones to consider are:


What Does it Mean to be Well?

Many people consider themselves to be healthy and well if they’re free from illness or disease. The truth is, if you’re tired, sleep poorly, are forgetful, overweight, moody, have poor skin or nails, are constipated, get reflux or bloating, you’re not healthy. These small niggling symptoms may not constitute a condition, but they are signs your body isn't coping with how you’re treating it. The good news is there are steps you can take to turn it all around and achieve wellness.


Prevention is Better than Cure

Just as you service your car regularly to keep it in tip-top condition, your body needs to be serviced regularly as well. It’s much easier to prevent yourself getting sick than it is to get better once you are sick, which is why it’s important to live a life of wellness.

Following a wellness model of healthcare means you are responsible for your own health, not someone else. It involves eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, sleeping well, relaxing and having fun, and a regular spiritual practice, such as mediation.

This type of lifestyle brings health, energy, wellness and has the added benefit of reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases. A general health check with a naturopath every 6 months is also a good idea, to address any health concerns and help motivate you.


Power of the Mind

The mind truly is powerful and can influence your thoughts, behaviours and health if you let it. Being mindful of what you’re thinking and doing helps you stay in the present moment and is a powerful tool for balancing health. Instead of focusing on the problems in your life, choose to focus on what you appreciate in life, and see the good in everything even when difficulties arise. Surround yourself with positive nurturing people and volunteer to help others in need.

The mind can also hold on to emotions such as anger and resentment from past incidents with others, which can negatively affect health. Endeavour to forgive those who have hurt you, to free yourself from these harmful emotions.



Lifestyle Change

Eating healthy food and exercising is a long term commitment so it’s really important to enjoy what you’re doing.

  • Use fresh ingredients for every meal; it’s tastier and healthier than canned or packaged foods.
  • Be creative with food. If vegetables are not your favourite food, flavour them with herbs or spices, or a homemade stir-fry sauce. Dice up your daily 2 fruits to create a multi-coloured fruit salad.
  • Choose low GI (Glycemic index) carbohydrates rather than high GI ones.
  • Water is essential for life and yes it can be boring so give it flavour! A squeeze of lemon or lime, or a handful of mint leaves is all it takes.
  • Enjoy your favourite dessert once a week; there’s no need to deprive yourself.
  • If you love eating out take time to enjoy what you’re eating; savour each mouthful and eat until 80% full. Try healthy options such as Japanese, Vietnamese, or grilled fish and steamed vegetables or salad.
  • Include protein rich foods such as fish, eggs, nuts, chicken or meat in each meal, to satisfy your hunger and assist blood sugar control.
  • Healthy fats are important for health, so try to eat seafood, raw nuts and seeds, and healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.
  • Mix up your exercise routine to keep it interesting and motivating.


Supplements to Maintain Wellness

Natural medicines can complement all the good work you’re doing with your body and mind. Some important ones are: