Muscle pain? Vitamin D can help!

Author: Corinne Bett   Date Posted:15 February 2016 

For some, a balanced lifestyle can mean 50% aches and 50% pains. Not. Much. Fun.

Well check this out! We all know how important Vitamin D is for maintaining adequate levels of calcium in the body, and building healthy bones. But did you know Vitamin D may also play a role in minimising chronic muscular pain?

Researchers propose that sufficient Vitamin D levels in the body may decrease the sensitivity of the nerve fibres in the muscles, which means a lesser perception of pain. An epidemiological study of 1659 men over the age of 70 years, found a link between low concentrations of Vitamin D in the body, and a higher incidence of chronic pain.

Another study of 414 patients over 1 year in a rehabilitation facility found similar results, with patients that had lower Vitamin D levels having higher odds of experiencing unspecific musculoskeletal pain.  



Vitamin D could be the missing link in your muscle pain, and could give you some relief. If you are suffering from muscle pain or are concerned you may be deficient in Vitamin D, you can request to have your serum Vitamin D levels checked in a blood test next time you go to the doctor.

If you are deficient, your doctor will advise you to take a Vitamin D supplement and the dose at which you should take, depending on your level of deficiency. So here’s to the sunshine vitamin and muscle pain relief!


Written by Corinne Bett

Corinne spent her childhood helping her mother and grandfather in the garden grow various herbs and vegetables. This sparked a great interest in herbal medicine and nutrition in later life, and a passion for a wholefood diet. As a Naturopath today, she likes to empower others to utilise food as medicine, and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In her spare time she like to spend time in nature bushwalking and swimming, adventuring in far and exotic places, and dreaming about what kind of dog she might like to have one day.