Post Holiday Blues

Author: Amber Houghton   Date Posted:2 April 2014 

Alleviating Your Post Holiday Blues in 5 Easy Steps

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many people find themselves feeling withdrawn and experiencing the “blues” over returning to their everyday rhythms. Alleviating these feelings is a day-to-day process that can be undertaken and successfully accomplished with the help of these 5 at-home steps.


Prepare yourself for an after-holidays crash. If every year brings the inevitable let-down after the holidays, prepare yourself by expecting a lag or adrenaline crash from all the excitement. You spent weeks creating the perfect atmosphere for yourself and loved ones; therefore, the happy memories could be used to sustain a semblance of holiday joy.


Plan your new year. As the old adage goes, “new year, new you.” Instead of expecting a new you, attempt to better the old you. Prioritize the goals you wish to accomplish and develop a routine that incorporates these unique objectives. With something more important to focus on, your thoughts will turn from holiday excitement to the tasks at hand.


Keep socializing with your loved ones. When Christmas rolls around, most people decide that families and friends should share in their cheery moods. However, instead of being someone that connects with loved ones on an annual basis, be the person to stay in touch with relatives and pals. Emails, letters, phone calls, and visits can go a long way.



Exercise! You’ve probably heard it before, but exercise increases the endorphins that flow to your brain, causing happiness, relaxation, and relief. A mere 30 minutes per day can significantly reduce your stress, resulting in a goodbye to holiday blues.


Find events and activities to look forward to. New movies are hitting theatres, annual fairs and festivals are coming back around, and hobbies change with the seasons. Revive the excitement you felt while planning for the holidays by preparing for things that interest you. Be mindful of your budget and choose events where you will feel comfortable, cheery, and soothed.


Written by Amber Houghton
Amber Houghton

Amber holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Naturopathy, and has a particular passion for nutritious, whole-food eating. She feels education surrounding the best dietary and lifestyle choices are fundamental in allowing people to take responsibility for their own health, and to help with the maintenance of their well-being.

Although passionate about wholesome food, Amber does confess to having a particular fondness for cake, and enjoys a slice every now and then.