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Muscle Cramps

Where do Muscle Cramps come from and what can we do about it?

Muscle cramps are involuntary contractions that cause sharp pains, often in the arms and legs. The forced contractions prevent the limb from relaxing due to many causes. These painful cramps might be caused by poor circulation, overexertion, insufficient stretching, injury, dehydration and mineral deficiencies. Here are a few ways to manage and prevent these cramps:

1. Stretch and massage the muscles. Rubbing the cramped muscle will help it relax, especially if you put a small amount of weight on it and bend. If you tend to get cramps during a workout, try stretching before exercise too.

2. Apply warmth. Wrapping the muscle in a warm towel or heating pad can work wonders. A warm bath or will also relieve the pain.

3. Fix your diet. Many cramps are the result of a vitamin deficiency or dehydration. If you keep experiencing these cramps, try increasing your intake of magnesium, calcium and water.

4. Visit the doctor for injuries. Athletes with injuries often find that they have cramps more often than other people do. Relieving pain from injuries with muscle relaxing medications and Botox injections may be the most effective means for relieving cramps.

5. Massage your muscle with ice. You can relieve the pain of cramps by massaging your arm or leg with an ice pack for a few minutes. These techniques can help relieve the intense pain that accompanies most muscle cramps. While some may require medical attention, most are easily dealt with.