Soothing Skin Recipe

Author: Angela Fleming   Date Posted:28 February 2019 

Do you suffer from inflamed, itchy skin?

Simple, everyday elements can cause skin aggravation in those with existing skin conditions, such as water, soaps, detergents, beauty products, fabrics, climate and even temperature. It can be extremely challenging trying to find the perfect solution to relieve the pain, redness, itchiness and extreme inconvenience that rudely accompanies skin conditions. One can only want something that is affordable, practical, friendly, cooperative and productive? Why not try some of these easy homemade skin soothing remedies. 


Classic oatmeal bath with a twist

Baths provide an excellent topical treatment for irritated skin. They are very useful for getting into those areas that are difficult to reach and can provide almost instant symptomatic relief, mentally as well as physically.

Why oatmeal? Mucilage’s! Oats as well as marshmallow (no not the white fluffy kind, the plant kind) otherwise known as Althea officinalis contain mucilage’s; a thick, viscous substance that helps to relieve irritation of mucous membranes by forming a protective barrier over the skin, providing  nourishment and pacification for the skin.  



What you need:

  • An old clean stocking or muslin cloth.
  • 1 cup of oats.
  • 2 TBPS. dried marshmallow root.


Dried marshmallow root can be purchased in health food stores loose or in teabag form. MUST BE THE ROOT. 


What to do:

  • Place the ingredients into the stocking or muslin and tie off with a rubber band
  • Run a bath according to the temperature you like and add the stocking/muslin whilst doing so.
  • While the bath is running, and once the oats and marshmallow have swollen, squeeze the stocking/muslin to express all the oaty marshmallowy goodness out into the bath 2-3 times.
  • Once the water has reached the desired level continue to squeeze over the skin. Relax for around 15-20 minutes. 


If immersing yourself in water is too irritating try soaking the stocking in a basin and apply as soothing a wash.


Written by Angela Fleming
Angela Fleming

Angela (BHSc Naturopathy) is a qualified naturopath who strongly believes in living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Angela believes being active, taking time out for yourself on a regular basis and consuming a balanced healthy diet (with the odd sneaky treat included now and then) is the fundamental key to keeping our minds and bodies in good health.

Angela loves to pass on her knowledge of healthy and happy living to her two young children, who love to experiment in the kitchen with her and train alongside her in Karate.

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