3 Top Reasons to Choose Natural Beauty Products

Author: Vanessa Gagliardi   Date Posted:4 February 2020 

Beauty and cosmetology have been important to humans for thousands of years. Since ancient times, natural ingredients sourced straight from the earth like olive oil, salt and honey have been used in a wide range of skin care and beauty products. The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were known for their natural beauty regimes and used these ingredients habitually.

Although we don’t know the secret to eternally youthful skin, we do know that using certain beauty products plays an important role in maintaining and supporting healthy, beautiful skin. With numerous brands of skin care and beauty products available to us, why should we choose the natural products?

They are kinder to our environment

The beauty and personal care industries have had immense impacts on our environment. Our marine life is unfortunately exposed to many of the by-products from our beauty regimes, especially microplastics and plastic cotton tips. Luckily, some of the beauty and personal care industries have caught onto this and have safer, natural alternatives.

Microplastics are tiny bits of plastic that unfortunately end up in our oceans and get swallowed up by marine life. They are commonly found in face and body exfoliators as the tiny spherical beads that help to lift away dead skin cells. Opt for natural exfoliators and scrubs that use non-plastic exfoliating ingredients, like oats or jojoba beads.

Cotton tips are now made with paper stems in place of the standard plastic ones. They are just as durable and pose much less of a threat to our precious ecosystem. Paper stemmed cotton tips can be recycled and are typically made from recycled paper too. Win/win!

Tip: cotton crops get sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. To avoid exposure, make sure you choose organic cotton tips, cotton wool and even organic cotton-based sanitary items like tampons and pads.

In addition, natural beauty products are usually packed in recyclable packaging which helps to reduce waste accumulation at landfill sites.

Tip: an extra enviro-friendly idea is to convert the packaging into useful items – the next time you finish your bottle of product, recycle the pump/cap, peel off the label and use as a mini vase or make-up brush holder!



They are gentle on our bodies

Opting for natural beauty products helps prevent your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals that are more commonly found in generic alternatives. Parabens and sulphates are two of the most common chemicals added to the majority of generic beauty products.

Parabens are preservatives that extend the product’s shelf life. They are listed under names like methylparaben, propylparaben and alkyl parahydroxy benzoates. Sulphates are added to beauty products to help create a lather or foaming action. It is thought that these chemicals can possibly disrupt hormones and affect the normal structure and membrane of our cells, however there are no official conclusions.

Natural beauty products typically choose natural ingredients as preservatives and foaming agents. Vitamins C and E are commonly used as natural preservatives thanks to their antioxidant benefits. Botanical extracts are also utilised for their natural antioxidant benefits, such as finger lime and coffee beans. Sulphate-free foaming agents found in natural beauty products are usually derived from coconut and soap bark trees.

They use natural scents and fragrances

Natural beauty products use real fragrances from essential oils, plants and flowers. The use of these botanical extracts also means that we can reap their other benefits, like their naturally occurring antioxidants as preservatives and their texture for exfoliation, as mentioned above! These are preferable over artificial fragrances that research suggests are linked to allergies and hormone disruption.

Many plant aromas and fragrances can have secondary benefits on our health. Lavender’s sweet and earthy floral aroma also helps aid relaxation and calmness. Eucalyptus has a fresh, woody scent that also helps relieve nasal congestion.


In conclusion…

It’s clear that choosing natural beauty products is helpful for not only our skin, but for the environment too. Here at Australian NaturalCare we take pride in choosing the best quality, natural ingredients in our beauty products, just as our ancestors did. That is why our Ageless Skin range and our natural soaps are free from harmful chemicals, microplastics and artificial fragrances. Our products are supercharged with botanical extracts that are rich in antioxidants and other skin-loving benefits to help your skin glow, without compromising Mother Earth. Try our range of skin care products today!


Written by Vanessa Gagliardi

Vanessa (BHSc Naturopathy) is a qualified naturopath with a passion for good food. She uses nutrition and herbal medicine to help people feel their best, from the inside out.

Vanessa enjoys nature walks and Pilates, and loves a good almond mocha.

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