10/10 for Our New Vitamin E Cream

Author: Angela Fleming   Date Posted:6 February 2018 

Being a naturopath, I am particularly fussy about what ingredients I apply to my skin, even more so when it comes to fragrances; I can smell a synthetic one a mile away… well almost. I was excited to hear that Australian NaturalCare was reformulating and repackaging our vitamin E cream. So, as soon our new version hit the warehouse, I was very eager to try it out and critically critique it! My personal rating is a 10/10!  It looks amazing, it smells amazing, and it feels amazing!

Okay so you may think I am being a little biased? I can assure you I’m not! Vitamin E is a great ingredient in any cosmetic product, not just ours. But let me tell you why ours is one of the best on the market.



What is vitamin E?

Firstly a bit of information on vitamin E. Vitamin E is a family of tocopherols and tocotrienols, which collectively are classed as vitamin E. The tocopherol form of vitamin E is the most biologically active, which is what we utilise in both our vitamin E cream and Natural E supplement.

The principal function of vitamin E is the maintenance of cellular membrane integrity. It stabilises and protects the cells from damage via its potent antioxidant capabilities. Vitamin E enables hydrogen ions to be donated to free radicals, terminating the oxidative process. This enables the cells to function effectively and retain moisture. 


 Thirteen reasons it’s a 10/10

After critically analysing this product leaving no stone unturned, 13 reasons came to mind as to why this product deserves a 10/10.

1. As previously mentioned, we use a highly bioavailable natural form of vitamin E. It is naturally derived from non GMO soy beans. It’s not the synthetic kind, tocopheryl acetate that is widely used within the cosmetic industry. The synthetic form is not as active as the naturally occurring form, which essentially means it is a less efficacious chemical.  

2. Certain layers of our skin are hydrophobic, meaning they naturally repel water. This makes it great for vitamin E absorption as it is a fat soluble vitamin; hydrophobic areas are able to absorb fats more effectively than water. Lipids aid in counteracting excessive water loss by providing the epidermis with a protective barrier, which may effectively lock in moisture.

3. Did you know that brief sun exposure can deplete vitamin E levels in the superficial layers of the skin? Well apparently it can. Living in a sun drenched country like Australia, we need to be mindful of looking after our skin. When it comes to assisting skin, it has been suggested that a topical application of vitamin E is delivered more effectively than supplementation. Because our vitamin E is highly bioavailable and readily absorbable, it may help replenish vitamin E levels in the skin.

4. Our skin is constantly subjected to environmental factors such as wind, sun, heat and pollution. These elements can contribute to moisture loss, and dehydration of the skin. In turn this may cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, cracked, flaky skin and overall skin dryness. Our Natural Vitamin E Cream may prevent moisture loss, protect the superficial layers of the skin, and prevent, assist, and soothe dry, cracked, aging skin.

5. Australian NaturalCare vitamin E cream is quite the versatile product. It can be used on all areas of the skin, including hands and face. Why buy multiple moisturises when just one will suffice?!  

6. Over 88% of the ingredients in our new and improved vitamin E cream are organic and adhere to the COSMOS standard. What does this mean? Well obviously no plants where drenched with chemicals in the making of this product and the COSMOS standard incorporates a specific, high quality standard to the manufacturing process of organic cosmetics. The standard covers all aspects of sustainable sourcing whilst respecting the environment, manufacturing methods that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment, promoting the use of products from organic agriculture and integrating and developing the concept of ‘Green Chemistry’.   

7. The new packaging has incorporated a hygienic pump head, which means the cream is protected from coming into contact with air. This keeps the cream fresh, active and helps avoids rancidity.

8. The cream itself is very light weight and non-greasy, which is an absolute must when it comes to moisturising any part of the skin! A little goes a long way so be sure not to overdo it when it comes to applying to smaller surface areas such as the hands and face. 

9. Our new and improved vitamin E cream smells amazing! It is naturally fragranced with organic essential oils, giving it a mild citrus aroma. Not only the ladies at Australian NaturalCare love the aroma but the men do too. I did some investigating, and yep, they approve!

10. Vitamin E cream is very versatile, it can be used for multiple skin complaints. Including skin irritations, after sun care, after shaving, scarring and as an everyday moisturiser.

11. What makes ours even more special? It is 100% Australian made, not tested on animals and has absolutely no nasty ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, acrylates, glycols, PEGs, mineral oils, silicones, or artificial preservatives and fragrances.

12. It’s not just the vitamin E in the cream that makes it one of the best on the market. It is also enriched with Kakadu plum, sea buckthorn oil and aloe vera, which all provide nourishment to the skin.

13. Considering all the amazing aspects of this product has to offer, it is very cost effective. Australian made, all natural ingredients, with more than 88% of those being organic, no preservatives, non-greasy, beautifully smelling and super versatile and all in two convenient sized hygienic packs; 50mg and 125mg

I highly recommend this product, it can be used on all skin types and all ages above two. Remember to do a skin patch test first if you have sensitive skin. 

*Top tip; keep the tube sitting upright and pump the nozzle whilst upside down.


Written by Angela Fleming
Angela Fleming

Angela (BHSc Naturopathy) is a qualified naturopath who strongly believes in living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Angela believes being active, taking time out for yourself on a regular basis and consuming a balanced healthy diet (with the odd sneaky treat included now and then) is the fundamental key to keeping our minds and bodies in good health.

Angela loves to pass on her knowledge of healthy and happy living to her two young children, who love to experiment in the kitchen with her and train alongside her in Karate.

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