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10 Naturopathic Tips For A Happy Healthy Life

10 Naturopathic tips for a healthy happy life!

There is a lot of information in the media around which diet is best and which foods should be on everyone’s list, but when it comes down to it – delicious wholefood and seasonal foods are key. Here are our 10 Naturopathic tips to live by.

1. Enjoy the rainbow

It’s not only about the rainbow in the sky but also the rainbow on your plate! Enjoy a wide variety of fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Each fruit and vegetable has a different combination phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. When we enjoy a wide variety of fresh seasonal foods we are able to get the most from our foods, boost our nutrient intake and support our long term health.

2. Make your plate smile

We have the plate and now to make it smile. Each meal should have a couple key features, it doesn’t need to be much to make your plate balanced and happy.
1. Protein - plant or animal – the size of your palm
2. Good fat - avocado, olive oil, oily fish, nuts/seeds
3. Fibre - fresh produce, seeds, legumes, grains
4. Vegetable – fresh and seasonal  
5. Complex carbohydrate – whole grains, legumes, brown rice, quinoa

3. Fresh is best

Fruit and vegetables are at their most nutrient dense when they are freshly picked. Enjoying fresh produce naturally supports our health. Aim for at least 80% of your meals to be from fresh wholefood sources and free from a box, packet or fast food window. Fresh is always best, however when we are time poor frozen fruits and veg can be a great helper – often they are picked and frozen straight away.

4. Eat mindfully and enjoy your food

Life is busy and on the go, but our tummy is happiest when we slow down and enjoy our food. When we are calm and eating we break down our food more effectively, allowing our body to do its thing faster, easier and with less fuss. Digestion actually starts long before we chew and swallow, taking the time to choose a recipe, gather ingredients and cook the meal all help with the digestive processes – it can also be a great stress reliever.  

5. Know where it grows and where it travels

We do love our organic food, free from pesticides and chemicals, but one thing that’s important to watch is where the food comes from – organic from Spain is different to conventional from NSW. It is the journey that the food has taken that can be environmentally taxing. If you have the space growing produce and especially herbs at home can be a cost effective and easy way to boost nutrients into your routine. Make sure you get your soil tested first before planting your organic produce.

6. Love your gut

As Naturopaths we LOVE the gut, we love every little bit about it and all the things we can do. It is important to say thank you to our digestive system and give it a little extra love. Fermented foods, prebiotics and probiotics, fibre, vitamins, minerals. Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut.” Keeping your gut healthy is paramount.

7. Nothing beats that H2o

It is a simple one, but one that often gets overlooked. The importance of clean drinking water is endless. With 50 – 75% of our bodies being made up of water, it’s absolutely crucial we drink the recommended 8-10 cups of pure water daily. Water helps to nourish our cells, keeps us hydrated, helps our brain function optimally, and moves toxins out the body, plus so much more. For a little variety add a splash of fresh lemon juice or a sprig of mint!

8. Up you get, time to get moving

We were built to move, these days we don’t need to run away from lions and hunt and chase down our dinner but we do still need to move. Exercise is key to many of our health issues; especially with sitting now being listed as the new smoking! Grab a friend and head out for a walk, it’s a great way to stay healthy, keep social, get out into the sunshine, fresh are and nature. All helping to boost our mood at the same time.

9. Keep it clean

A healthy you is a lot harder without a healthy home. Find ways to reduce chemicals in your home and in your self-care products. It can be as simple as swapping laundry detergent or opening up the windows and blinds to allow fresh air and sun the flow through and to circulate through the home.

10. Find what makes you happy, and do that!

A part of being healthy is being happy! Find things that brings you joy and happiness and that you enjoy doing it! It doesn’t need to be costly or adventurous – a tea sipped on the deck out in the fresh air can do wonders for our health and state of mind.