Powerful & Natural Fungus Relief
Start seeing results within hours

  • For the relief of fungal nail infections
  • Starts to kill the fungi within hours of application
  • May also help to reduce nail blemishes and restore fungal nails to a healthy state

How does NailKALM work?

Many products in the market are fungistatic, i.e. they inhibit growth but do not kill fungi. Hence, under the same conditions or if treatment ceases, infection returns. AMYCOT is the active ingredient in Calmagen®. It has a natural source and is safe and effective. MYCOT is derived from Arthrospira maxima (Spirulina), a naturally occurring cyanobacterium.

AMYCOT, the biosource of this product, has its origin in one of the earliest forms of plant life on our planet earth. It is a microscopic, water borne, single cell plant that has been used for centuries as a highly nutritious source of food containing very high levels of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is a natural ingredient.

What our customers are saying:

Ronald R – Jan 2015: Thank you for NailKalm, a product that really works. Brilliant result on stubborn fungal nail problem.

JG – Vic, AUS: I have now been using the Calmagen product for approximately four (4) weeks (twice daily as recommended). One toe nail has all but cleared and the other, which was worse, is well on the way.

Powerful & Natural Fungus Relief
Start seeing results within hours

  • All Natural – AMYCOT
  • Kills the fungal infection – it doesn’t just inhibit growth
  • Starts to kill fungus within hours of first application