As we grow older we have different health needs that come with aging, it’s important to ensure you are taking the right supplements for your needs.

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 2 October 2018

Passionflower is a calming herb found in abundance in North and South America, and often used in formulas targeting mild anxiety and sleep. Due to it’s largely sedative actions, the herb has been extensively studied with regard to insomnia...

Author: Lia Pellizzeri   Date Posted: 1 October 2018

Mental and physical fatigue can really affect our productivity throughout the day, so it can be tempting to reach for a quick cup of coffee to perk us back up. There are, however, some herbs and nutrients that may help fighting fatigue...

Author: Angelique Bone   Date Posted: 25 September 2018

Recent media coverage has revealed that some of the honey brands sold in supermarkets are not 100% pure honey. Independent testing has found that many contain adulterated honey. What is adulterated honey? And how do you know if you are eating real honey?

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 18 September 2018

What we put into our mouths is just as important as what we put on our skin, so here are eight foods that can help protect against the effects of ageing and keep us looking and feeling young.

Author: Angelique Bone   Date Posted: 11 September 2018

When stress lasts for a long period of time our bodies struggle to regain balance and it can become a problem which, if not resolved, poses a risk to our health. What happens in our body when we get stressed and how can we manage it?

Author: Angelique Bone   Date Posted: 4 September 2018

The most therapeutically significant constituents of chamomile contribute to its anti-inflammatory, mild wound-healing and immunomodulatory actions.

Author: Lia Pellizzeri   Date Posted: 1 September 2018

Cortisol raises your blood sugar level which in turn increases insulin levels. Insulin works to drop your blood sugar and this then leads to wild cravings for unhealthy foods! Cortisol can also make you feel tired which then lowers your willpower...

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 28 August 2018

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Each year the EWG release a list of the best fruits and vegetables to eat organic (the dirty dozen) and the ones that you can just buy conventionally grown (the clean fifteen) if you can’t afford to eat fully organic. Here is the list...

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 21 August 2018

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Take a trip to the shops and you'll notice our food is drowning in plastic - from meat to cheese to fruit and veg - should we be concerned? Is it harmful to our health? Let’s examine what is actually in these plastics, which ones are bad and how to a

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 14 August 2018

The war on waste in Australia has hit fever-pitch and for good reason. Australians alone use over 9.7 billion single-use plastic bags annually, which along with plastic straws, water bottles and take out containers, contribute the most to our plastic...

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 7 August 2018

Willow Bark is recognised and used for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, commonly used to support short term pain relief in conditions such as lower back pain, muscle pain and headaches. It is often given to help provide temporary relief...

Author: Alyce Cimino   Date Posted: 1 August 2018

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If you have fussy eaters, it can be even harder to come up with quick lunchbox options that won’t end up in the bin……….Let me introduce you to the 2 ingredient dough!

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 26 July 2018

Approximately 70% of Australians regularly take supplements for anything ranging from a daily multivitamin to curcumin for mild osteoarthritis and fish oil for heart health. There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion circulating about supplement use...

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 23 July 2018

Just as you read food labels to know what you are putting in your body, you should do the same for beauty products, so you know what you are putting on your body. You might actually be quite surprised by what you find.

Author: Jillian Foster   Date Posted: 16 July 2018

Why do we need to detox? Our bodies are equipped to handle detoxifying harmful substances, so why would we need to do a toxin cleanse? With the processing and modification of our food and increasing environmental toxins, more and more pressure is put on..

Author: Angelique Bone   Date Posted: 9 July 2018

This powerful spice has been used traditionally in herbal medicine for many years. Its warming properties have been known to act as a circulatory stimulant, in that it helps gently move blood around the body.

Author: Alyce Cimino   Date Posted: 1 July 2018

The active compounds are not bioavailable in raw mushrooms, so they do need to be cooked. Hot water helps to extract the active compounds from the mushroom, making it possible for us to enjoy the multitude of health benefits they provide.

Author: Angelique Bone   Date Posted: 26 June 2018

Mushrooms have been used as medicine for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine - some were believed to promote longevity and even immortality! So how can mushrooms benefit our health these days?

Author: Angelique Bone   Date Posted: 19 June 2018

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Hormones carry an important function in the body – they bind to receptors in certain organs to initiate a response, thus keeping the bodily functions working. Occasionally though, these hormones become unbalanced, leading to health issues.

Author: Angelique Bone   Date Posted: 12 June 2018