About Australian NaturalCare


Australian NaturalCare is your best choice in direct vitamins. For more than 29 years we’ve delivered world class, Australian made vitamins and supplements direct to customers’ doorsteps, providing quality and confidence to support over 600,000 individual health regimes.

Our highly skilled team is located in North Ryde, Sydney, all under one roof. From our experienced industry experts who research the latest health trends and products, to our warehouse which take care of hundreds of thousands of deliveries swiftly each year.

Speak with our customer service team and you’ll find more than just product certainty and a competitive price, you’ll find complete support. This includes fully qualified one-to-one naturopathic services and regular wellness guidance, so you know every decision you continue to make to build a healthy lifestyle is a confident and informed one. Perhaps that’s why the majority of our customers have been with us for more than 5 years.

When others may distort claims, at Australian NaturalCare we stand behind everything we do. We take full responsibility for all our products, ingredients and communication. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the most trusted health partners in Australia.


The Australian NaturalCare Story

Australian NaturalCare first began in a spare room in a quiet suburban street in Byron Bay NSW in 1989.

The founder of the company had been involved in the health industry for 20 years and had decided that he wanted to improve the wellness of Australians through the introduction of vitamins and supplements into their lives.

He believed that prevention was better than cure and that the daily diet and lifestyle that most people had was not enough to keep them at the peak of their health.

Having grown up in the country he understood that the nutrient levels in foods had been diminishing over time and would continue to do so.

The founder created unique formulas in combination with Naturopaths and built the product range from the ground up to where it is today at nearly 100 different products.

He always believed in keeping the range simple but effective without creating confusion for his customers by padding the range with unnecessary variations as many companies do.

From the time of conception, we at Australian NaturalCare have always prided ourselves on high quality formulas and ingredients and excellent customer service. We would always prefer that people take the correct dosage of products to get the therapeutic benefits. All products must provide a real health benefit to our customers and are developed utilising the latest traditional and scientific evidence available. Our Naturopathic and Research and Development team are constantly searching the world for new studies, evidence, and clinical trials to support new and existing product development.

With free naturopathic advice available to all of our customers and a 30 seat call centre staffed by highly trained customer service professionals and naturopaths, Australian NaturalCare provides a level of service second to none.

With convenient ordering options through to the provision of a huge database of educational articles, Australian NaturalCare’s customers can learn anything they want about health and product choices whilst having the products delivered to their door with same day despatch on the day of the order.

Our customers are considered to be the most well informed and educated health individuals in Australia who constantly provide welcome feedback to the company about how to improve the product range and its service.

We believe that the more our Australian NaturalCare customers understand their own health requirements and options the more they can improve the wellness of themselves and their families.