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About Australian NaturalCare


We’re Australia’s leading direct supplier of vitamins and supplements online. Since 1989 we’ve been caring for the health of Australians by providing the highest quality vitamins, supplements and natural living products

Born in Byron Bay

The company first began in a quiet suburban street in iconic Byron Bay in 1989.

The founder of the company was an entrepreneurial spirit who was passionate about health and wellness. Having been closely involved in the health industry for many years he observed that the diet and lifestyle of many people was not at the optimum level needed to keep them at the peak of health. He also believed that nutrient levels in the foods we eat every day are diminishing over time.  

So he worked with a team of professional naturopaths and other industry experts to develop a range of quality, nutritionally potent vitamins and supplements that would help to improve the wellness of Australians.

From those early days, Australian NaturalCare has maintained this principle of quality and potency, and our range has grown to include over 100 vitamins and supplements - all of which are manufactured in Australia - plus a large range of natural living products including health food, eco home products and natural beauty products.

Why we’re different

At Australian NaturalCare you’ll find more than just a wide product choice and competitive prices, you’ll find complete support and a level of customer service second to none. This includes free, one-to-one naturopathic advice and a dedicated customer service centre in North Ryde.

Unlike some companies, many of our highly trained customer service and sales representatives have been with the company for years, which means they know our product range inside out. They also know many of our customers by name which is why we have some customers who have been buying their supplements from us for over ten years!

We believe that the more we can help our customers to increase their health knowledge, the more they can improve the wellness of themselves and their families. By utilising our huge database of educational articles, our customers can conduct their own research about health and products and then have the products of their choice delivered to their door with same day despatch.

Australian NaturalCare customers are some of the most well informed and educated health individuals in Australia who constantly provide welcome feedback to the company about how to improve the product range and its service.

Nutritional potency is key to our product development

Our Research and Development team is constantly searching the world for new studies, high quality evidence, and clinical trials to support product development. 

Over thirty years of research and customer feedback has given us a unique approach to developing our products. We focus strongly on nutritional potency and evidence. No product makes into our range unless we believe it can provide a real health benefit. And we always encourage our customers to take the correct dosage of their products to get the therapeutic benefits. 

We’re also one of very few supplement companies that continue to manufacture 100% of our range of vitamins, supplements and natural living products here. We choose to do this because we believe it’s important to support our manufacturing industry and the many jobs it provides. And even more importantly, we manufacture in Australia because it provides our customers with products of the highest quality.

You can buy Australian NaturalCare vitamins, supplements and natural living products direct from us for delivery right to your door. 

Our bestselling products are also available in over 300 Priceline stores across Australia. We’ve chosen Priceline to be our retail partner because like us, it’s an Australian business committed to excellent customer service and is dedicated to helping its customers live well and feel great. See the range of Australian NaturalCare products available in Priceline stores here