Many of us may take supplements for various reasons whether it be for prevention, therapeutic treatment, addressing deficiency or just helping to maintain optimal health. Let’s find out what we can do to help manage our pain naturally.

Author: Lia Pellizzeri   Date Posted: 24 April 2017

We’ve all experienced it during our lives, the presence of pain often is an indication that something is wrong. We have now created a list to give you some info on nutrients that help with pain relief or to be used in conjunction with herbal remedies.

Author: Emily Seddon   Date Posted: 19 August 2016

From arthritic pain to headaches, herbal medicines can help address a wide variety of painful conditions. In this article we discuss the analgesic properties of eight of the most important pain-relieving herbs and how they can give you pain relief.

Author: ANCP   Date Posted: 26 May 2016

Gout is a form of arthritis that tends to affect one joint at a time. It is characterised by the sudden onset of pain, inflammation and swelling of the affected joint, which is often the big toe, ankle or knee.

Author: ANCP   Date Posted: 10 May 2016

A review published this year by the Cochrane collaboration has found chondroitin to be an effective treatment for reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis, and assisting with maintaining cartilage in the joints.

Author: Corinne Bett   Date Posted: 15 February 2016

We all know osteoarthritic pain can be extremely debilitating. But there may be a way of dealing with this pain naturally. New research has shown that ground ginger applied topically is effective at minimising osteoarthritic pain.

Author: ANCP   Date Posted: 5 June 2015

There are many anti-inflammatory herbal remedies which may help in relieving pain, and there are also analgesic herbs, some of which have been shown to target specific types and areas of pain. Some examples of herbal remedies for pain are listed below.

Author: ANCP   Date Posted: 19 May 2015

Are your knees beginning to creak and pop with every step? If so, you are one of the millions of people dealing with the frustrations of knee pain. Luckily, knee pain can be reduced by taking a few precautions. Here are some tips for preventing knee pain.

Author: ANCP   Date Posted: 3 April 2014